Machines equipment

Here we offer you the opportunity to purchase high quality accessories from us.

Areas of application for HAHN gas springs

Gas pressure springs, gas tension springs, lockable gas springs, oil brakes and double-stroke gas springs from HAHN are used almost everywhere where controlled movements or an opening & closing mechanism for flaps, lids and hatches are required.

With the extensive range, functional solutions are offered in many areas in industry, in vehicle construction or in private households. A free gas spring calculation is carried out for customer problems.

The large number of suitable connections and fittings ensure that the gas springs are easy to attach.

The preferred areas of application are:

  • Vehicle construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Medical technology
  • Sports and leisure equipment
  • Furniture industry
  • Mechanical engineering

Areas of application from Willtec
We offer you solutions for measurement technology for everything to do with mechanical engineering. The focus is on both mechanical and electronic measuring systems.
A broad product portfolio (such as indicators, rotary encoders, magnetic displacement and angle measuring systems, cable displacement recorders, test devices and test devices, but also mechanical product range such as couplings, cardan shafts, angular gears) always enables us to provide the customer with a suitable and efficient solution for your measurement or Positioning task or to optimize, supplement or protect your machines. With various designs and accuracy classes, Willtec measuring systems are well suited for installation in turning, milling and other machine tools.

The preferred areas of application are:

  • Wood and sheet metal working machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Automation technology
  • Drive technology
  • Solar wind industry
  • machine tools
  • Heavy industry / petrochemicals
  • Wood and furniture industries
  • Metal and aluminum industry
  • Profile and tube processing industry
  • Glass and window construction
  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • textile industry

Areas of application of Brevetti
Our wide variety of energy chains, made of plastic as well as steel, with horizontal or vertical traverse paths, open or closed, for rotations with diameters smaller than one meter to over 30m, with high additional loads and rough environmental influences, for multi-axis movements helps you for every application to find a solution.
The cables from Brevetti Stendalto (the scope ranges from PVC to PUR / TPE-insulated cables) are designed for high flexibility and durability in the energy chain.
Our sheathing systems made of steel and plastic, corrugated pipes and braided hoses offer protection from contamination and moisture, even at high temperatures.
Typical applications are:

  • large machine tools
  • Foundry machines and steel mills
  • at very high temperatures and in the oil and gas industry
  • in automation, in welding, painting and handling robots
  • Robotics and mechanical engineering
  • Packaging machines
  • crane systems
  • textile industry
  • Wood, stone and glass processing machines